The Swedish National Cancer Institute conducted a breast cancer study on women.  The study divided the women up into three groups.  One group
was given flaxseed oil, the second group was given canola oil, and the third group was given sunflower oil.  At the conclusion of the study, the
flaxseed and canola oil groups showed no difference from before the study.  But the sunflower oil group showed a 69% increase in the risk of
cancer.  The study was concluded in 1999.  When the health food stores read the study, they removed sunflower oil from the shelves.  Immediately,
sunflower oil became the cheapest oil available since no one wanted it.  Just as immediately, many dog food companies put it into their dog foods.  
Some dog food companies claim that their sunflower oil is organically grown.  They just show their ignorance!  Whether it is or not, has nothing to do
with the cancer problem.  Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory.  Omega 6 fatty acids are pro-inflammatory.  Solid Gold uses flaxseed and
canola oils.  They have the perfect ration of one part omega 3 and four parts omega 6.  However, other oils are way off balance.  Sunflower oil has
no omega 3's and, but has 233 parts omega 6's.  This is the disaster!  Safflower oil is worse with no omega 3's and 243 omega 6's.  Corn oil is the
worst of all.  It has no omega 3's and 310 omega 6's.
"Why Solid Gold Doesn't Use Sunflower Oil."
San Diego Reader 28 May 2009: 15. Print.